Environmental Conservation Consultancy (Pty) Ltd, also known as ECC, is a conservation-based consultancy business which operates from the relaxing town of Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa.

ECC uses drones and various Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to deliver accurate orthophotomosaics digital elevation models, terrain models, contour extraction, volumetric analysis, watershed analysis, vegetation & NDVI analysis and costume Object-based image analysis algorithm development.

ECC has over 30 years of intensive international zoological management experience that can assist you in the setup of conservation-based management plans, conservation breeding plans, operation management, endangered species husbandry guidelines. ECC also provides basic exotic animal keeper training, focus on effective operational management. ECC started after the CEO, Meyer. E. de Kock has done extensive drone-based conservation work in North Africa, the Middle East and North Sumatra. His research currently focuses on automated detection of wildlife using drone image as part of his PhD studies based in the EU.