Environmental Services

ECC has regional and international management experience that can assist you in Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Spatial Analysis, Biodiversity Assessments, Game Farm Management Plans, and Field Assessments

Environmental Management Plans are a tool to ensure that the impact of operation is prevented and the steps you take to benefit the project and the environment in a positive way.

Environmental Spatial Analysis is the use of an assortment of spatial data and an analytic approach to building complex algorithms that can help solve environmental-related issues.

Biodiversity Assessments look at the variety and richness of species within a specific environment.

Game Farm Management Plans assist the organization to monitor and analyze all activities on a Game Farm. The Plan includes management structure, operational management, ecological, species management, and eco-tourism. The plan provide a holistic approach to ensure that everyone involved in the Game Farm knows what the purpose, goal, and actions would be.

Field Assessments review management practices and to analyze the condition of the field. An Assessment report will include the current state of the field and would point out factors that influence the performance of the assessed area.

Wildlife Services


ECC is a conservation-based consultancy, where Wildlife management plays an important part of our conservation services. Services include; Species Management Plan, General Wildlife Assessment, and Camera Trap Analysis.

Specie Management Plans identify and address the long term sustainability of wildlife populations by improving genetic and demographic management potential with a series of clear goals and agreements to which an organization (and their partners) agree or aspire to achieve.

Assess wildlife populations, dynamics, herd structure and breeding potential

Camera Trap Analysis analyze camera trap images that was collected in a certain area. Depending on the subject, the analysis can have a general wildlife assessment or species specific.

Captive Animal Services

With over 30 years of intensive international zoological management
experience, where Captive animal management strategies are developed to exceptional standards. Services include; Setup or Assessment of Operational Management Plans, Captive Animal Management Plans, Breeding Plans, Exhibit Design, and Staff Training.

Institutions holding wildlife in captivity will need to fulfill in their basic needs. Setting up an animal management plan will provide the institution with specific information that ensures everyone involved in caring for wildlife in their facility meet the minimum standards.

Caring for captive wildlife requires data for the decision making process. Data acquisition and analysis can provide information in managing your species efficiently.

Integrated exhibit design includes national and international species guidelines, supporting infrastructure for effective captive animal management, and positive visitor experience.

Provide training to a range of staff in captive animal management and data acquisition and management in protected areas.